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Conversion Programme (CP)

Accountancy Training Courses

Conversion Programme (CP)

What is Kaplan Conversion Programme(CP)?

Kaplan Financial is the pioneer in CP. Bringing our experience in conversion and recruit training courses from UK into Hong Kong, Kaplan Financial has been running CP for non-accounting graduate trainees of Big 4 organizations since 2000. Kaplan Financial focuses in providing our students with the highest quality learning experience. Over the decade, we have successfully trained a steady stream of CP graduates for the accounting profession. 

2006 is the milestone year that Kaplan Financial has achieved the accreditation from HKICPA and reviewed by HKCAA (Hong Kong Council of Academic Accreditation) to offer Conversion Programme to the public. Successful students can then progress onto their HKICPA QP. Kaplan Financial is proud of being the only private education institution which has achieved this status as to-the-date. Kaplan CP was assessed and approved by HKCAAVQ (The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications) in May 2010 and was re-accredited by HKICPA in April 2011.


Admission and Exemption Procedure

Why Kaplan Conversion Programme?

  • Recognition: HKICPA accredited programme; Route to ACCA with 9 papers exemptions; Route to CPA Australia with 6 paper exemptions
  • Big 4 Accounting firms: Preferred provider since 2000
  • Entry to QP: Progress into QP within 2 months (subject to HKICPA exemption assessment)
  • Exemptions: Exemptions for both business knowledge modules and core-modules
  • Fastest route: Fastest with most flexible schedule to fit your needs

About Conversion Programme

Professional Recognition   

This is an accredited Conversion Programme of HKICPA (Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Graduates of this programme who have met the HKICPA student registration requirements will be eligible to enter the HKICPA QP.


Programme Objectives

  • To enable students who are bachelor degree holders of business and non-accounting disciplines to demonstrate and apply knowledge and intellectual skills in the core areas of professional accountancy and to ensure their technical competencies are qualified to enter the Qualification Programme (QP) of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA); and
  • To enable students to demonstrate necessary enabling competencies (including interpersonal and communication skills and professional values, ethics and attitudes) which are qualified to enter the QP of the HKICPA.


Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

  1. Students will be able to demonstrate solid knowledge and use intellectual skills in accounting and related business disciplines
  2. Students will be able to analyse and deal with ethical and other practical issues in the accounting profession in Hong Kong and the Greater China region
  3. Students will be able to apply accounting knowledge and skills in real-world situations in the context of ethical and other accounting and regulatory frameworks
  4. Students will be able to formulate evidence-based responses to routine and abstract accounting and related business issues
  5. Students will be able to apply effective communication skills for accounting purposes
  6. Students will be able to determine and achieve personal and team goals by applying effective interpersonal skills

Programme Structure

Programme Structure and Exemption
Kaplan Conversion Programme consists of 5 business knowledge modules and 7 core modules.


Business Knowledge Modules
For those students who did not study the related modules in degree, they are required to take the following business knowledge module. Tuition consists of theory discussions and 2 hours end of course exam.

Module Contact Hours
(P1) Foundation Accounting 21
(P2) Principles of Economics 18
(P3) Principles of Management 18
(P4) Principles of Marketing 18
(P5) Principles of Statistics 18
TOTAL Contact Hours of Business Knowledge Modules 93

Exemption (P1-P5)
Business Knowledge Modules: You can apply for exemption if you have prior studies of relevant modules.

Core Modules
The total 314 contact hours for the core modules comprise of lectures, exercises, case studies and discussions. Tuition consists of lectures, group work and worked examples. Assessment comprises coursework and 3 hours of traditional examinations.

Module Contact Hours
(M1) Strategy and Information System 35
(M2) Accounting and Financial Reporting^ (CEF reimbursed) 70
(M3) Taxation* 46
(M4) Auditing 36
(M5) Cost and Management Accounting 42
(M6) Hong Kong Law^ (CEF reimbursed) 49
(M7) Financial Management 36
TOTAL Contact Hours of Core Modules 314

* including 4 hours tutorial
^ This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses for Continuing Education Fund purposes (CEF course code: 23Z05358-8, 23Z05405-3. Institution Code: 519)

Exemption (M1-M7)
Module M1-M7: Exemptions in core modules will be given only for maximum 3 subjects in the whole programme. If you would like to apply for exemption, please contact us for details.

Subject to approval of Kaplan Financial, individuals who failed can be allowed to retake modules or resit examinations.

It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants should hold business OR non-business degree awarded by institutions which are recognised by the HKICPA.
  • Expecting bachelor’s degree holders who would have completed their degree before the programme commencement may also be eligible to apply for admission.
  • Applicants should consult with the HKICPA if their degrees meet the HKICPA student registration requirements before applying for admission.
  • If the degree or equivalent qualification is from an institution where the language of teaching and assessment is not English, applicants shall provide evidence of English proficiency, such as:
    • an overall band of 6.0 or above with no subtests lower than 5.5 in the IELTS;
    • a score of 550 or above in the paper-based TOEFL, or a score of 213 or above in the computer-based TOEFL, or a score of 80 or above in the internet-based TOEFL;
    • HKALE Use of English at Grade E or above; 
    • HKDSE Examination English Language at Level 3 or above
  • Applicants who do not fulfill the above language requirements but have an equivalent score in a recognized test, or an equivalent qualification assessment to prove their language proficiency may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Enrolment Procedures
Students can enroll in person at Kaplan Causeway Bay Centre. Please bring along the original copy of your University Transcript and Certificate. Application fee must be paid in full on application.

Tuition Fee

Application fee (non-refundable, payable at the time of application)

Business Knowledge Modules Contact Hours Module Fee
(P1) Foundation Accounting 21 $4,100
(P2) Principles of Economics 18 $3,900
(P3) Principles of Management 18 $3,900
(P2) Principles of Marketing 18 $3,900
(P2) Principles of Statistics 18 $3,900
Total Contact Hours 93   $19,700
Core Modules Contact Hours Module Fee
(M1) Strategy and Information System 35 $5,500
(M2) Accounting and Financial Reporting 70 $9,800
(M3) Taxation* 46 $6,900
(M4) Auditing 36 $5,500
(M5) Cost and Management Accounting 42 $6,400
(M6) Law 49 $7,200
(M7) Financial Management 36 $5,500
Total Contact Hours 314   $46,800

Tuition fee will be paid according to our payment schedule. The first installment will be charged once admission is granted. HK$1,500 exemption administration fee will be charged for each successful core module exemption.

Interest Fee Installment (For Non-CEF Applicant Only)
HSBC credit card holders can enjoy interest free installment for Kaplan Conversion Programme

  • 6 months interest fee installment.
  • Interest Fee Installments are available ONLY for advanced one-off M1 – M7 payment.
  • Installment plan enrolments must be made in person at our centre.

CEF is available for Kaplan Conversion Programme in the below modules:

Institute Code 519
Institute Kaplan Financial (HK) Limited
CEF Code 23Z05358-8 23Z05405-3
Course Title Accounting & Financial Reporting (Module from Kaplan Conversion Programme) Hong Kong Law (Module from Kaplan Conversion Programme)

Upon successful completion of the above modules, the co-payment ratios by learners (i.e. the percentage of fees to be borne by learners) for the first HK$10,000 subsidy is 20% of the course fee and that for the second HK$10,000 subsidy is 40% of the course fee.

For more details about CEF,please visit or call 3142-2277.
(For CEF first applicant: student should have read the guideline of CEF application and understood all the requirements of CEF application. Kaplan bears no liability if student’s CEF application is rejected.)

Top 4 Student Application Scenario

Non-accounting degree from local or foreign university

Student can join our Conversion Programme and finish within 4-5 months studying full time or 7-8 months studying part time.


Case: Ms Li came to us while still in her last semester of her non-accounting bachelor degree. She was able to start early in the Conversion Programme and finished within 4 months and be eligible for the QP.


Accounting degree from a local university
Student can complete the online QP registration to confirm whether he needs to take CP for the entry of QP.


Case: Ms. Lam does not have an accounting degree, but she was able to finish the full time Conversion Programme in 4 months and went on to the QP while still be able to take care of her family.


Accounting degree from a foreign university
Student can complete the online QP registration on HKICPA first. Yet due to the possible 2 months waiting time for the HKICPA assessment letter, one can also consult our consultant for possible module that you may need to take in CP.


Case: Mr Wong has been working in the finance field for more than 7 years, and was interested to obtain a CPA qualification. He spent 3 months studying part time in the Conversion Programme and went to CPA Australia to enter into their CPA program.


HKICPA assessment letter/email
The assessment letter indicate student to study for the full programme or individual modules. He can then contact our course consultant for the best timetable possible for the Conversion Programme.

Case: Student can complete the online QP registration on HKICPA first. Yet due to the possible 2 months waiting time for the HKICPA assessment letter, one can also consult our consultant for possible module that you may need to take in CP.
Mr. Lau received the HKICPA assessment letter after 2 months, but waited 1 year before looking into fulfilling the assessment requirements.
Since HKICPA only require 2 modules for him to meet the QP requirement, he was able to finish them within 1.5 months in one of our part time intake.

Support & Service

Kaplan is committed to building futures. We understand that in some cases our students may need some extra support, or struggling to fit their studies in around work and family commitments. We endeavor to provide this extra support. 

Deferral/ Transferal Application
Kaplan Financial retains your passing result for up to 2 years. We offer 6 intakes every year. You can apply for deferral or transferal in our programme according to your personal or work schedule. Enjoy the flexibility during your study!

Tutor Support
At Kaplan we are passionate about helping all students through their training, and this doesn’t just stop the moment our students leave the classroom. Our lecturers are approachable and accessible for consultation through emails to help you overcome any issues you may have.

CPA Australia offers up to two scholarships for students who have completed the Kaplan Conversion Programme and wish to become a CPA Australia member that having a network of business leaders and highly qualified professionals with a CPA designation. The scholarship grants: 

  • One CPA Program subject fee waiver, worth HKD 7490
  • CPA Australia Scholarship Certificate

* Please contact our customer service officers at 2526 3686 to know more about our services.

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