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Kaplan Language Centre (Wanchai) commits to protect Your Privacy

In order to comply with the amended Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, we have updated our Personal Information Collection Statement. Your personal data will be used for sending programme information (including SSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Exam Drill, ACT Exam Drill, IELTS and TOEFL) and related marketing activities from Kaplan Language Centre (Wanchai) (the “Company”). The personal data will be strictly used for promotional communication, market research and analysis. Upon your consent, the Company will use your name, phone number, email address, including gender, age, education level and work experience (if applicable) for the Company’s and/or Kaplan affiliates’ promotional purposes which include education, training, and consultation services.


Please fill in the following details if you do not wish to receive any promotional materials from Kaplan Language Centre (Wanchai):




為符合2013年4月1日實施的《2012年個人資料(私隱)(修訂)條例新增部份》, 「楷博語言中心(灣仔)」 (下稱「本公司」)更新了個人資料收集私隱聲明如下:

閣下提供的個人資料將會用作參加由本公司所舉辦的備試課程(包括:SSAT、SAT、ACT、SAT Exam Drill、ACT Exam Drill、IELTS及TOEFL)及推廣活動之聯絡、巿場調查及分析。 本公司在取得 閣下的同意後,將使用上述聯絡資料包括 閣下的姓名、聯絡電話及電郵地址(及性別、年齡、教育程度、工作經驗 – 如適用),透過不同聯絡方式通知或發送有關本公司及/或楷博香港附屬公司(只限經由本公司通知或發送) 產品及服務的推廣資料予 閣下作直接促銷,產品及服務包括教育、培訓、顧問服務等。



如 閣下不希望接受任何關於楷博語言中心(灣仔)產品及服務的推廣,請填寫以下個人資料以便跟進: