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CFA Institute Investment Foundations<sup>®</sup> certificate

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CFA Institute Investment Foundations® certificate

CFA Institute Investment Foundations<sup>®</sup>certificate

The CFA Institute Investment Foundation<sup>®</sup> certificate (formerly known as Claritas®) is a comprehensive global education program designed to give you a clear understanding of the essentials of the investment industry and your roles and responsibilities within it.


Who Will Benefit

Intended for all professionals who work in the financial services industry, preferably outside of the investment roles. There is no education or experience requirement, so anyone from Human Resources to Operations to Marketing and Sales can benefit from the program.


How You Will Benefit

  • Clarity - Benefit from having a common understanding of industry structure and terminology, regardless of your job function or geographic location.
  • Collaboration - Work more effectively with global colleagues by understanding industry functions, building stronger relationships and raising your professional competence.
  • Confidence - Gain the knowledge to identify issues and the confidence to speak up. Get a better sense of your role and how you connect with the complex global industry at large.


Note: Information provided by CFA Institute.

Course Structure

Online Instruction
Cover all 20 chapters of the Investment Foundations™ curriculum
English Instruction
10 hours
  • Contains the essential definitions and concepts necessary for success
  • Presented by Learning Outcomes
  • Examples to help you readily recall terms and concepts
Study Manual3
In English
SchweserNotes™ for Investment Foundations™(eBook)
CFA Institute Investment FoundationsTM Practice Exams
In English
Test your knowledge with a full-length, online practice exam consists of 120 questions with answer explanations

Key features

  • Study anytime during the 6-month subscription period1
  • Trainer's annotations are captured
  • Receive username within 5 working days2
  • Please check system requirements before ordering

1 The program contains online features. You may decide the access start date. Subscription will expire 6 months from the start date 
2 Exclude Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
3 You must present the official receipt at our E-Tech Centre Campus to collect course materials. If a third party will collect on your behalf, they must present the original receipt along with your written authorization


Retail Price

Loyalty Price

Student/Recent Graduate Price

Terms and Conditions
Loyalty Price

  1. Students who have enrolled in Kaplan Hong Kong previous prep course.
  2. Enrollment will not be processed until Kaplan verifies your previous course enrollment.
  3. Each student is allowed to select ONE set of review package with either English or Cantonese Online Instruction.

Student/Recent Graduate Price

  1. Student currently attending or accepted into a public or private Higher Education Institution are eligible.
  2. Bachelor students graduated within the last 12 months are eligible.
  3. Each student is allowed to select ONE set of review package with either English or Cantonese Online Instruction.
  4. Students must attach copy of a current and valid student ID card for identity verification.


Receive a HK$1,000 rebate when enroll the following Kaplan Hong Kong programs within the next 18 months:

  • CFA Education Program (Classroom or Online), CFA Full Package, CFA Blended Full Package
  • FRM Education Program (Classroom or Online), FRM Full Package, FRM Blended Full Package
  • Licensing Exam Review Course (Classroom or eLearning Cantonese class)

The rebate of HK$1,000 will be credited to the enrollment of the aforesaid courses. Rebate can only be claimed once by each person. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers, discounts, coupons, cash coupons (except the early bird discount for eligible programs). It is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Enrollment of CEF reimbursable courses is not eligible for rebates.

Kaplan reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions with or without prior notice

1 Rebate is available. Refer to terms and conditions for details.

Investment Foundations™ Certificate Program vs CFA

Despite that both programs are organized by CFA institute, they are highly different to each other, in terms of their difficulty and for whom they are intended.

  • Student profile: The Investment Foundations™ Certificate Program primarily covers finance, ethics and investment-related roles and is suitable for entry-level financial services professionals. The CFA Program however is intended for those who are directly involved in the investment decision-making process.
  • Requirement: There is no special criterion to qualify for Investment Foundations™ Program in terms of educational qualifications and work experience. To qualify for the CFA®, a candidate should have a Bachelor’s Degree (or they should be in final year of Bachelor’s Degree) or 4 years of professional work experience or 4 years of higher education and professional work experience taken together.
  • Difficulty: CFA Institute recommends approximately 900 hours of study for the CFA program, while just 100 hours of study for the Investment Foundations™ Certificate; the CFA exams take a total of 18 hours, while the Investment Foundations™ Certificate Program exam is just 2 hours.
  • Learning objective: The Investment Foundations™ Certificate Program aims to help participants understand the context of fundamentals in the industry, while the CFA Program trains investment decision makers to understand and make sophisticated investment decisions. 

FAQ - Others

What does the syllabus cover?
The Course of Study consists of 20 chapters, organized into seven modules:

Module 1: Industry Overview            – 5% topic weight
Module 2: Ethics and Regulation      – 10% topic weight
Module 3: Inputs and Tools              – 20% topic weight
Module 4: Investment Instruments   – 20% topic weight
Module 5: Industry Structure            – 20% topic weight
Module 6: Serving Client Needs       – 5% topic weight
Module 7: Industry Controls             – 20% topic weight


What is the exam format?
Candidates will take a two-hour, computer-based multiple-choice exam consisting of 120 questions, within 6 months of registering. Preliminary results are provided instantly.


What pass rate does CFA Institute expect for this certificate?
The CFA Institute Investment Foundations™ Certificate has a rigorous, in-depth course of study and will thoroughly test the knowledge of a candidate across the seven core course modules. The actual pass score will be determined through a process of standard setting once the certificate is rolled out globally. 82% of candidates who sat the first exam were successful in completing the examination and being awarded the CFA Institute Investment Foundations™ Certificate.

Standard setting: how are results determined?
To determine a fair and appropriate minimum passing score (MPS) for the CFA Institute Investment Foundations™ Certificate candidates, CFA Institute has conducted a formal Standard Setting process. Expert psychometricians used guidance from an independent panel of industry practitioners in combination with results data from the Investment Foundations™ Certificate Pilot Program to recommend the minimal standard required to pass the exam. CFA Institute does not set a fixed percentage of candidates who will pass or fail the exam. Standard Setting provides an independent standard so that the percentage of candidates passing in a particular period will be determined only by the abilities of candidates who test in that period.

Note: Information provided by CFA Institute.

The above information is intended as a general summary. Please refer to the brochure for the exact terms and conditions and details. 
Kaplan follows CFA Institute Prep Provider Guidelines. 
Required Disclaimer: CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by Kaplan Financial. CFA Institute and Claritas® are trademarks owned by CFA Institute.