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17 Feb 2020

Kaplan Language Centre (Wanchai) Special Arrangement

Kaplan Language Centre (Wanchai) - Class and Practice Test Arrangement
In compliance with the Education Bureau (EDB)’s announcement, Kaplan Language Centre (Wanchai) (KLC) has suspended the face-to-face classroom delivery of SSAT Prep Course, SAT Prep Course, ACT Prep Course, SAT Exam Drill, ACT Exam Drill and IELTS Prep Course. Online study of the above classes has been arranged. 

All practice tests are currently suspended and students will be notified by us for test re-arrangement.

楷博語言中心 (灣仔) 上課及模擬考試安排
依據教育局的宣佈,楷博語言中心 (灣仔) (KLC) 將暫停進行SSAT備試課程, SAT備試課程, ACT 備試課程, SAT 考試精讀課程, ACT 考試精讀課程及IELTS備試課程面授課堂,學生仍可透過網上平台繼續上課。