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Advanced Essay Writing

Pre-College Courses

Advanced Essay Writing

Who Should Take This Course?
For students who will be entering Forms 4-6 / Years 11-13 (Ages 15-17)

Course Characteristics 

  • Designed to improve students’ academic writing in preparation for college admission essays, SAT, ACT and school essay writing, specifically addressing how students can write clear, concise and impactful essays
  • Small groups with close interaction with teachers & peers and constructive criticism of students’ writing, with discussions of students’ writing progress every session
  • Focused on breaking down the writing process, understanding various components of academic writing, importance of planning, structure and overall content
  • Resulting in improved level of essay writing quality and strengthening skills necessary for standardized examinations, college admission essays and academic writing

Course Content 

  • Learning the writing process, brainstorming & idea selection, reading analysis & evidence collection, planning and organization
  • Understanding and applying essential elements of academic writing, such as thesis statements, topic sentences, introductions, conclusions, content management, editing and proofreading
  • Producing high quality academic writing necessary in higher-level secondary school essay writing, including analytical, persuasive and personal essays, etc.


Program Details

Course Fee

Course Structure
18 hours with 6 lessons in total (3 hours per lesson)