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Young Learner Program

Pre-College Courses

Young Learner Program

【Looking for a FUN WAY for your child to enjoy learning English during Christmas break?】

Kaplan Young Learner Program – two courses for your child to play around!


🗝️ Unlock your child’s full potential and build up their confidence to communicate fluently in English. Expanding vocabulary and mastering the presentation skills are the main gateways to English fluency as they empower children to express themselves confidently 🗣️.

Kaplan Young Learner Program helps students to improve their language skills in 5 DAYS ! Our ⭐ star-rated trainer will guide students to learn new vocabularies and build confidence in delivering messages through fun interactive lessons.


⭐ Star-rated Trainer

  • Native English Teacher
  • Over 10 years teaching experience
  • Expertise in multilingual and multicultural teaching


Young Learner Program

✔️ Suitable for students in P5-S2 students

📢 Classes start in Dec, 2 hours per day

🎯 Improve English in 5 days!

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