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Financial Literacy Diagnostic

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Financial Literacy Diagnostic

Are your people making the right call with company money?

As a business leader, you know that every decision made within an organization affects its financial health – directly or indirectly. It is critical that everyone is financially literate in order to make the right commercial decisions, even those who “don’t do numbers”.

You can’t prepare for every scenario, but if you have a clear, provable understanding of where risk lies in your organization, you can mitigate it efficiently and successfully. 

The Kaplan Financial Literacy Diagnostic allows you to identify risk quickly, using relevant scenarios to assess the competence and confidence of your workforce, and deliver accurate results with detailed recommendations on how to act.

Answer these key questions to identify risks & opportunities

  • Are you confident that everybody in your organization understands the financial implications of their decisions?
  • Is your company losing money because of poor financial decisions?
  • Can you trust your people to make the right call?
  • Are you too worried to let your people make commercial decisions and, in doing so, inhibiting potential growth?

How Does It Work?

Kaplan Financial Literacy Diagnostic is an online self-assessment survey that measures and reports on financial literacy within your organization at every level.

With a few complex algorithms and a wealth of expertise, we will analyze the answers to give you a clear picture of who is likely to be spending business money wisely, and who is a risk to your organization’s financial health. This then empowers us to efficiently target who needs training and development, and in which areas they need it most

The Diagnostic Tool

Our tool presents business scenarios and poses two simple, but key, questions: 

  1. Do you know the answer? 
  2. How confident are you that your answer is correct?

With real-time insights on risk areas, hidden talent and learning trends, our Financial Literacy diagnostic tool will enable you to efficiently identify the champions of your organization and barriers to its success.

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Key Benefits

Prioritize and direct learning and development interventions with a laser focus to where it’s needed, optimizing your budget and avoiding waste

Identify financial risk – highlight people that are highly confident but making incorrect financial decisions

Detect hidden talent – identify people with high competence but low confidence

Benchmark – provide a flexible and commercially relevant ‘before and after’ benchmarking capability

Benchmark individuals, offices, branches and teams – internally and against other organizations – with clear and relevant individual reports and collective volume heat-maps