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Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management

German Business Faculty

Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management

Part Time

Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management

The professional training diploma program, in conjunction with the German Industry and Commerce Ltd. and the training companies, offers ambitious German speaking students to acquire knowledge in Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management. 

The dual program provides a culturally diversed learning environment where theoretical and technical knowledge is obtained in school and directly applicable to the daily practices in the training companies. 

The agile city with its seven million inhabitants is considered the gateway to the China market and to other emerging markets throughout South East Asia. With a professional education received from Hong Kong, graduates can improve their career opportunities, both in Germany and abroad.


Why should you apply?

  • The program encourages intercultural thinking through acquiring knowledge, understanding and skills from living and working within an Asian environment
  • The trainees acquire extensive practical skills. They shall achieve and acquire professional, respective, social, personal and methodological competences
  • The theoretical and technical knowledge gained from the school are directly transferrable into the daily practices at the training companies
  • The program does not only offer a good basis for one's vocational prospects, but it also allows one to become independent and grow as an individual
  • Hong Kong is one of the biggest and most dynamic trading and financial centres in the world and therefore the ideal place to pursue a career oriented education in Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management

Programme Details

Kaplan Business and Accountancy School offers the program with German Industry and Commerce Ltd. and more than 30 training companies. It follows the Dual System Professional Training in accordance with the German Vocational Training Act. The training content is customized to meet Hong Kong's specific market requirements and recognized by Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag (DIHK). 


Duration 22 months
Entry requirements German Abitur, IB, A-Level, O-Level
Fluency in German and English
18 years
Medium of teaching German
Business language English
Organization Theoretical training in Kaplan Business & Accountancy School 
(1.5 days per week)
Practical training in the training company (3.5 days per week)
Remuneration 8,000 HKD/month (1st Year)
9,000 HKD/month (2nd Year)
School fees 46,000 HKD (School Year 2023-24)
Service Fee of GCC 8,400 HKD per trainee per school year paid by the training company
Start of the programme 1 September each year
Application deadline 31 March each year


During the training, students will focus on core subjects such as Operation and Management in Foreign Trade, Micro and Macroeconomic Processes and Accounting and Controlling in Commerce and Management. These subjects are taught in learning fields as listed below:

Learning Fields  Time guidelines in teaching hours 
No   1st Year 2nd Year
1  Present the company and help to shape one’s own role  80  
2  Process orders in a customer-oriented manner 80  
3  Perform procurement processes 80  
4  Capture and document value flows 80  
5  Fulfill purchase agreements 60  
6  Develop a marketing concept   60
7  Initiate foreign trade transactions   40
8  Evaluate value flows   80
9  Business processes with digital tools   40
10  Perform cost and performance accounting   80
11  Handle international transport of goods   80
12  Conduct and finance foreign trade transactions   80
13  Plan and carry out a foreign trade project   40


In addition to the core subjects, students will receive lessons in following side subjects:

Side subjects

 Time guidelines in teaching hours 

1st year 2nd year
 English 40 40
 Mandarin 80 80
 Chinese Studies   40 40
 Politics - 40

Application requirements and procedure

Entry requirements

  • German Abitur, IB, A-Level, O-Level
    • By the start of the apprenticeship you are required to have obtained an university entrance qualification
  • Fluency in German and English
    • All classes (except English and Mandarin) are entirely instructed in German. Therefore, a proficiency in the german language is essential
  • The minimum entry age is 18 years


Application procedure

In order to apply for the program the following documents need to be provided to us via email:

  • Filled out application formular
  • A passport sized photo
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Your University entrance Qualification (Hochschulabschluss) or your school certificates of the past two years


Please send all documents to the following contact:
Thorsten Rauhut
Director German Business Faculty of Kaplan Business and Accountancy school
2/F, E-Tech Centre, 402-406 Hennessy Road,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island

The application can only be submitted electronically (via email)

Application deadline: End of March each year
Late applications will also be considered. However, you will have a significantly lower chance of success, as the selection interviews start at the beginning of April


Admission procedure

  • All applications will be forwarded to the training companies at the beginning of April. They will contact the applicants to whom they would want to offer an apprenticeship position
  • The companies alone decide who they want to employ as a trainee. The selection process carries on until the end of June
  • After receiving an offer from the training company, the trainee will sign a contract with the training company
  • The training company will send a copy of the contract to GIC Hong Kong
  • The training company will apply the work permit for the new trainee or the new trainee must fulfil the entry formalities with the Hong Kong authorities independently
  • The GIC shall provide assistance for unexpected problems with the immigration services
  • The GIC will inform the applicants whose applications were unsuccessful


The Professional Training program will start on the 1st September every year


Training companies

Wholesale and foreign trade management 
CEI Conrad Electronic Int'l (HK) Ltd.
DIYtrade Far East Limited
Eurogroup Far East Ltd.
Freudenberg & Vilene International Ltd.
M-Tek Limited
METRO Sourcing International Limited
OBI Group Sourcing Hong Kong Limited
REWE Far East Ltd.
Simba Dickie Toys Hong Kong Ltd.
STARTEAM Global Limited
StichD Limited
Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.
TGI Technology Limited
Threesixty Sourcing Hong Kong Ltd.
TÜV Süd Hong Kong Ltd.


Thorsten Rauhut

Director German Business
Faculty of Kaplan Business and Accountancy school
2/F, E-Tech Centre
Nos 402-406 Hennessy Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong


Daniel Backenhaus

Head of Transport & Logistics Management of Kaplan Business and Accountancy school
2/F, E-Tech Centre
Nos 402-406 Hennessy Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong