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Certificate in Data Analysis Fundamentals (With SQL & Python) - RTTP Approved

FinTech Programmes

Certificate in Data Analysis Fundamentals (With SQL & Python) - RTTP Approved

Whether you are in banking, risk management, portfolio management, or any other field of finance, your role either already requires or will soon require you to be able to program in at least one programming language. As the industry becomes more automated and technology driven, finance professionals with programming/technical skills are going to be more in demand and can help you stay relevant and competitive for the current job market.

Course overview

The purpose of data analysis is to turn raw data into actionable insights. Much of the world’s raw data, in particular with financial data, exists in collections of tables called relational databases. Thus, in order to be an efficient finance professional, you must know how to extract and clean data from these databases using a programming language called SQL in different occasion like for the changing trend of stock market, comparison of a large amount of statistics and create complicated graph easily for more clear presentation.


Once you got the financial data you need, you would then use Python and various Python-related tools to harvest insights from your data to get a competitive edge, whether it is in creating data-driven financial models for business valuation, business analysis, risk management or simply create beautiful data visualizations to represent your financial data.


Unlike any other Data Analysis courses, this course focuses on SQL & Python specifically for finance professionals, helping you to be familiar with the most in demand tech skills in the 21st century and how you can apply these skills to your areas of expertise, whether it is portfolio analysis, financial trading, risk management or FinTech. You will learn the practical applications of the theoretical methodologies where you will blend technology and finance into construction of a model. This is a challenging course where you are expected to learn quickly.

Subjects and topics include:

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Advance SQL
  • Python for data analysis (For Finance)
  • Python pandas and visualization tools (For Finance)

  • Extract and clean data in different occasion like for the changing trend of stock market
  • Use SQL for the comparison of a large amount of statistics and create complicated graph easily for more clear presentation.
  • Learn how to blend technology and finance into construction of a model

Who Should Attend?

  • Finance professionals who want to make a move in their career from Finance to FinTech
  • IT professionals from non-finance background
  • IT professionals in banking industry who would like to enhance programming skills
  • People from different industries who would like to switch their career to FinTech

Course Details & Fee

Certificate in Data Analysis Fundamentals (With SQL & Python) For Finance Professionals – 16 hours 

Date: 18 & 25 Jun 2023

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00pm , 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Course Fee: $4,900


RTTP Training Grant Application

This course is an approved Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme, which offers up to 2/3 course fee reimbursement upon successful applications. Visit  for details.


Companies should submit their RTTP training grant application for their employee(s) via rttp/login at least two weeks before course commencement.


For more details, please visit:

Final Project

For the Data Analysis course, you will learn how to collect, clean and analyze a data set to solve a real-world problem. You will obtain a real-world data set, form a hypothesis about it, clean, parse, and apply modeling techniques and data analysis principles to ultimately create a predictive model using Python and SQL.

Students present their results and each write a report that includes the following:

‣ Clearly articulated a financial problem statement
‣ Summary of data acquisition, cleaning, and parsing stage
Clear presentation of your predictive model and the processes you took to create it
‣ Presentation style appropriate to both technical and non technical audience alike

As you complete stages of your final project, you may be required to present materials and receive feedback from your instructional team, classmates as well as industry experts.

*The final project should be financial related, for example a model which could clearly show that changing trend of the stock market.

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1. Why is this course useful?

It is apparent that data is now a vital part of every financial firm. That being said, to be successful in today’s competitive landscape, businesses could be making more data driven decisions if this vast amount of data was more deeply analyzed through the use of data science. This data analysis course provides the tools, methods, and best practices to enable you to make accurate predictions about data, which ultimately leads to making better decisions.

2. What practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the course?

This course will teach you how to use large data sets to make decisions. Using SQL and Python, you will learn how to collect, clean and analyze data from multiple sources including the web, a local file and a relational database. You will be equipped with technical skills in algorithms and data modeling which allow you to make accurate predictions about your data.

3. What do I need?
Please come prepared with laptop equipped with Microsoft excel.