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Certificate in Data Science & Machine Learning

FinTech Programmes

Certificate in Data Science & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is creating sweeping changes and a multitude of opportunities in the finance industry. More and more professionals are learning how to develop data and machine-learning driven tools to stay competitive, mine lucrative deals, and make the best decision for their companies.


Course Overview

To stay keen and with better insight for business decision making, Banking and Financial Services professionals have to take a proactive approach to master data exploration, data visulization, predictive analytics and descriptive analytics techniques. This 6-week course teaches you how to extract patterns from complex data-sets, leverage on machine learning models and build automated tools for your business by gearing you with a fundamental understanding of Python.

Some relevant case studies to be discussed:

  • How organizations collect, share and report data
  • Visualization on price movement in cryptocurrency/ house price/ stock price (for Finance)
  • Automated pipeline to generate visualization/ analytics report
  • Successful examples of internal data science-driven initiatives that translated into organizational improvements



  • Web-scraping, collecting information from the internet (for Finance)
  • Comparing and analysing internal and external data (for Finance)
  • Sentimental analysis on twitter data
  • Time series analysis

Learning Outcomes

  • Effectively analyse big & complex financial data-sets in a modern data science approach using Python
  • Build automated pipelines to generate data-driven reports
  • Visualize multi-dimensional Financial data using Plotly
  • Handle structured and unstructured data
  • Build and apply machine learning models on topics such as price-prediction, sentimental analysis and text-classification
  • Have a basic understanding in classification, regression and natural language processing

Who Should Study?

  • Working professionals in the finance, banking, insurance, accounting and professional services
  • Individuals with a working knowledge of Python or recent degree in Computer or Data Science

Course Details & Fee

Certificate in Data Science & Machine Learning For Finance Professionals - 6 weeks


Date: Coming Soon

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm

Venue: Kaplan Campus

Fee: $16,000

Trainer:  Mr. Patrick L.

Language:  English


*Certificate will be awarded for 70% attendance or above.


Week 1: Python in Data Science (Coding)

  • Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Applicative Statistics with Python: NumPy & SciPy


Week 2: Data Cleaning & Visualisation (Data)

  • Introduction to Pandas
  • How to Visualize Your Data with Matplotlib


Week 3: Project Week – Analytics on Real-Life Datasets

  • Project Preparation
  • Project Presentation


Week 4: Theories on Machine Learning (Theory)

  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Supervised vs Unsupervised Machine Learning


Week 5: Application of Machine Learning (Application)

  • Regressions & Classifications
  • K-Means Clustering. Decision Trees and Entropy


Week 6: Project Week

  • Project Preparation
  • Project Presentations

About Accelerate

Accelerate was found with the mission of bridging the talent gap in Hong Kong. It enables students to acquire the skills they deserve and forge the career of their dreams.


1. What practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the course?

You will be able to deploy machine learning techniques to a dataset of your choice. You can complete a capstone project that includes a full cycle of data tolls. You will also be equipped with insight in using the most relevant data science skills. Your dream of being a professional Data Scientist comes true.

2. What do I need?

Please come prepared with laptop, charger and external mouse.