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HKICPA The Capstone (Final Examination)

Accountancy Training Courses

HKICPA The Capstone (Final Examination)

The Capstone Final Examination prepared and monitored by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) is specifically tailored to Hong Kong's business environment. It is synonymous with quality and a choice for students who seek to stand out among their peers. A professional qualification opens many otherwise closed doors.

The programmes break the traditional learning mode, exposing students to real business cases. It encourages students to think independently. In workshops, problems are presented which require effective and professional solutions. Emphasis is placed on demonstrating the ability to make professional decisions, contribute through teamwork and interact in a working group.

The programmes utilize the practical business application of accounting, taxation, auditing and IT. Using proven training methods, it prepares you for a career as a competent and forward thinking accountant with a successful business career.

The programmes curriculum is a comprehensive, professional and accredited training programme highly regarded in accounting and financial sectors.

Why Study with Kaplan Financial?

  • Big 4 Firms: We teach Big 4 Firms for CP/NEW QP/Capstone over 10 years. 

  • Prize Winners: We have been teaching more than 106 Prize Winners.

  • Capstone Case Analysis: Guide The Capstone students how to break down a lengthy case into useful information by flowcharts, tables, etc.

  • 60,000+ students: We have been teaching more than 60,000 public and Big 4 students in the last 10 years.

  • Free eLearning platform: Provide the most flexibility to recap the lesson anytime and anywhere.

Course structure

Intensive Course (70 hours)

  • Largely increase your success rate.
  • The course is very examination-focused based on the learning need required by the syllabus and the technical need of each module.
  • Each module specialist will train students on the relevant technical areas based on the latest syllabus, as well as update of the new one-year rule.

The Capstone Study Strategies Session

  • Guide Capstone students how to break down a lengthy case into useful information by flowcharts, tables, etc, during the 5 days before exam.


Module 10 (Regulatory Environment)

  • 3 hours course will cover the Directors’ duties and HKCO’s required disclosures on financial statements which help students to get more marks on HK Company Ordinance at the Capstone FE.


Medium of Instruction

  • Cantonese / English


Materials Include

  • The update Capstone FE notes for Module 10 to 14.
  • The update Capstone FE notes are tailor-made by our module specialists with a focus particularly on the update syllabus.
  • REVISED Exam Strategies and Case Analysis Booklet: A handy booklet designed to strengthen your exam techniques and teach you how to equip yourself for the Capstone FE.


The Capstone Structure

The Capstone structure:

  • 3 full days workshop.
  • Pre-reading material release 5 working days before the final exam.
  • 4 hours open – book with case study and several open-ended questions.

Support & Service

We believe timely and flexible student support is critical to students' success. We therefore provide below support and service to students.

Tutor Support
At Kaplan we are passionate about helping all students through their training, and this doesn’t just stop the moment our students leave the classroom. Our lecturers are approachable and accessible for consultation through emails to help you overcome any issues you may have.

Our library with over 2,000 reference books is available for Kaplan students. Membership can be applied at our customer service counter.

* Please contact our customer service officers at 2526 3686 to know more about our services.


Capstone FE

After successful completion of the four NEW QP modules, you take a 4-hour open book final examination.

The examination is based on one case with several open-ended questions that focus on case analysis and providing recommendations to solve complex professional problems.  Details about the case will be sent to students 5 working days prior to the examination.  During the examination, students are expected to integrate and apply their technical knowledge and professional skills across all areas of accounting and related fields to the questions.  The Final Examination contributes 75% to the overall score of the Capstone FE.

Free Course Platform

Kaplan Free Course Platform offers you a wide range of online learning opportunities with just one click. It is suitable for learners who are interested to become a CPA or planning to take HKICPA / CPAA / ACCA exams. 


Visit and you will find a course that suits you perfectly.

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