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FRM<sup>®</sup> - Financial Risk Manager

Financial Training Courses

FRM® - Financial Risk Manager

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Financial risk management is one of the hottest skill sets to have in the financial services industry today that offers excellent visibility and outstanding earnings potential. The demand for financial risk specialists has seen considerable growth fueled by the complexity of financial products, increased regulations and disruptive influences such as FinTech.

What is FRM®?

There's no better way to establish credibility, and position yourself for career advancement, than by investing in yourself. The Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) is the most respected and globally recognized certification for financial risk management. In demonstrating your expertise and commitment to better risk practices, you are also joining a world-wide community of over 45,000 Certified FRMs from over 195 countries.


Though the rewards for passing are great, the FRM® Exam is difficult. With overall FRM® pass rates on Part I and Part II close to 50%, this challenging exam requires a comprehensive study plan to ensure success.

Why study with Kaplan?

  • Kaplan is a global provider of FRM® exam prep and has prepared over 1,500 students in Hong Kong
  • Our expert trainers are all Certified FRMs, with many years of teaching experience:
    • ~95% satifisation rate of trainers (Survey of Kaplan students, 2019 - 2021)
    • Guided by a single tutor from start to finish (true subject matter experts should feel comfortable teaching the whole curriculum, and not relying on students to accommodate different teaching styles when the tutor is switched every few lessons)
    • Cases and examples to contribute to study requirements
  • Backed by learning science (The Kaplan Way: Prepare ▸ Practice ▸ Perform™)
  • Free set of SchweserNotes™, Quicksheet and Schweser Online Mock Exam 1&2, exclusive to Kaplan Education Program students
  • Live-online Catch-up Video - accessible on all mobile devices, helps you review materials anytime and anywhere
  • Unique Revision Course to improve your knowledge application and exam techniques
  • Flexible study options – choice of live programs, online programs and self study Schweser Study Packages
  • Authorized training providers for FRM® by the Global Association of Risk Professionals



Required Disclaimer:

GARP does not endorse, promote, review or warrant the accuracy of the products or services offered by Kaplan Financial (Hong Kong) Ltd. of GARP related information, nor does it endorse any pass rates claimed by the Exam Prep Provider. Further, GARP is not responsible for any fees or costs paid by the user to Kaplan Financial (Hong Kong) Ltd.nor is GARP responsible for any fees or costs of any person or entity providing any services to Kaplan Financial (Hong Kong) Ltd. ERP®, FRM®, GARP® and Global Association of Risk Professionals, ICBRR® and FRB are trademarks owned by the Global Association of Risk Professionals, Inc.

Course Structure

Our FRM® exam prep program is designed based on The Kaplan Way, a three-phase learning strategy:
Prepare > Practice > Perform® to maximize the study effectiveness. 

Prepare: Education Program (48- 57 hrs)  

  • Sets the foundation
  • Acquire new knowledge
  • Provide you with just what you need to begin the practice phase

Practice: Revision Course (18 -24hrs)    

  • Practice solving problems utilizing the information received in the prepare phase
  • Directly interact with new knowledge and skills, identify gaps in performance and build expertise
  • Receive guidance and feedback when solving the problems

Perform: Mock Exam & Review (4 hrs)  

  • Put your newly acquired knowledge to the test
  • Demonstrate mastery of the objective by answering questions and solving problem

It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

Prepare: Education Program (48 - 57 hrs)

Teaching Language

Learning Mode


  • Part I – 48 hours
  • Part II – 57 hours

Key features

  • Full slide packs covering the vast majority of GARP’s AIMS
  • Study sessions move from the basic elements up to more advanced topics
  • Text slides, tables and diagrams illustrate difficult and important concepts
  • Worked examples of all challenging calculations with full explanations
  • Receive 3 hours of pre-course instruction in Part I

For Online Education Program

  • Captured from earlier live Education Program. All annotations and visuals projected in the lecture are captured.
  • Video sessions will be time-released. Please refer to brochure for release dates
  • System validation is required to ensure satisfactory viewing result. Watch Demo video to test your computer! View system requirement

What else should you know?

  • Enroll in the full package (Phase Prepare, Practice and Perform combined) to maximize effectiveness and take advantage of lower packaged price. It saves you a lot!
  • Education Program comes with SchweserNotesTM with QuicksheetTM (Print & Online) and Schweser Online Mock Exams 1&2. Optional upgrade to Schweser Essential Package with student discount.

Practice: Revision Course (18 -24 hrs)

Teaching Language

Learning Mode
Live Online

Key features   

  • Focus on applying knowledge to exam-standard questions
  • Development of your exam strategy and technique
  • Overview of each study session and detailed revision of the more demanding topics
  • Question debriefs
  • Mind Map subject overview slides
  • Revision Q&A books with 300+ questions

What else should you know?

  • Majority of candidates choose full package (Phase Prepare, Practice and Perform combined) to maximize effectiveness and take advantage of lower packaged price. It saves you a lot!

Perform: Mock Exam & Review (4 hrs)

Teaching Language

Learning Mode
Live Online


  • Mock Exam – 2 hours
  • Mock Exam Review – 2 hours

Key features

  • Practice taking the exam under proctored, timed conditions
  • Become comfortable with exam timings and techniques
  • Receive a detailed score analysis and trainer debrief
  • Highlight weak areas so that you could fine tune your strategy

What else should you know?    

  • Majority of candidates choose to attend full package (Phase Prepare, Practice and Perform combined) to maximize effectiveness and enjoy lower packaged price. It saves you a lot!


“It was great experience learning from Kenneth. With my best effort, I passed the exam in one go.” - K.C. Lee, Kaplan FRM and CFA alumni


“I knew very little about market risk and operational risk before the course. Kenneth provided very concise and informative lectures which helped my understanding in these areas. Thank you!” - Christina Chow


“The course materials are excellent, very well organized and easy to understand. The pace was excellent. I learned so much.” - Patrick Ng


“The course structure is well organized, materials are also well presented and quite useful. Online catch-up video for Education Program is the most useful and appreciated. Kenneth's lectures are clear and easy to understand.” - Flora Sum


“I passed the FRM Part II exam and would like to take this chance to thank Kaplan. The program makes everything so easy to understand and I believe that I could not be able to pass the exam if I didn't join the program.” - Ken Wang


“Thanks Kenneth for his detailed instruction and his prompt reply for my questions through email.” - K. C. Wong


“I have little knowledge and not familiar with the topic such as quantitative analysis. With the help of Kenneth, I was able to learn and study much easier than on my own.” - Stanley Yuen

Schweser Study Program

Ideal for self-directed individuals, Schweser Study Program provides focus and structure to your study plan.
Our innovative study tools and materials are designed to work in combination with each other to:

  • Make your prep-time more productive
  • Study wherever and whenever you want
  • Help you understand difficult material
  • Provide you with the direction and motivation to succeed

Please visit Schweser Product Availability for details.

FREE BA-II Plus Financial Calculator Workshop

Conducted by Dr. Kyle Wong (in Cantonese) and Ms. Esther Thng (in English), we specially prepare this workshop to help you master the basic calculator. At the end of the workshop, you will learn how to format and perform various calculations using the Texas Instruments BA-II Plus Calculator.
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About the FRM® Designation

Examination Overview

  • Administer by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP®)


Exam Format and Duration

Part I: 100 multiple choice questions

Part II: 80 multiple choice questions

Duration: 4 hours for each part


Examination Month

May/ August/ November


Become a Certified FRM

  • Pass both Part I and Part II exams (can be taken together or separately)
  • Minimum 2 years experience in financial risk management (or other related) field


Learn more about the FRM® designation and GARP®



Email: [email protected]

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