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Exam Drilling Course for Wealth Management Practitioners

Financial Training

Exam Drilling Course for Wealth Management Practitioners

Changes in the wealth management industry provide guidelines for relationship managers and private bankers, with less than 10 years of relevant experience, to be certified as private wealth management professionals. They are required to complete a training program and pass the examination requirements. The content-heavy examinations are challenging for busy private wealth management professionals.

Kaplan provides comprehensive courses to properly prepare them in learning the considerable syllabus and passing these rigorous exams. Our courses focus on the key concepts and are taught by experienced and knowledgeable lecturers. The lecturers leverage Kaplan’s well-researched study materials and practice questions to ensure that the learners clearly understand the questions and concepts tested in the exams.

Client organizations and participants alike have responded to Kaplan’s exam drilling courses for private wealth management practitioners with strong positive feedback, emphasizing the effectiveness of the courses and enhancement of exam performance.

Private bankers and relationship managers (with less than 10 years of relevant experience) 

•    Improve the speed-to-work ready of new hires and maintain a healthy pipeline of staff (the faster they pass, the sooner they will be productive contributors)
•    Reduce compliance pressure
•    Cost savings from company’s own content development
•    Increase job satisfaction and morale (give your staff the best chance to pass in one go)

Why Kaplan?

  • A proven track record of pass successes
    • Kaplan is experienced in working with key stakeholders from L&D and compliance departments of many international and local banks on the in-house delivery of this course
    • We have been repeatedly asked to re-deliver the courses for our client organizations, when L&D received strong positive feedback (and requests) from the participants
  • Subject matter experts 
    • Experienced lecturers who understand exam requirements and troubleshoot
    • First-hand tips and techniques to score
  • Proprietary and quality materials

Syllabus (Version 2.0)

Module 1 Paper 1 – Financial Instruments

  • Basic Products: Fixed Income Investment, Equity Securities and Foreign Exchange
  • Derivatives and Structured Products
  • Investment Funds and Alternative Investments
  • Portfolio Management: Theories and Practices
  • Lending and Leverage


Module 1 Paper 2 – Wealth Management

  • Wealth Planning
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Overview of Private Wealth Management Industry
  • Overview of Private Wealth Management Markets: Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia-Pacific

Delivery Options

  • Private classes
  • In-house customized trainings 

Customize To Your Priorities

Kaplan has a proven track record of running in-house trainings for top international banks in Hong Kong. Each program can be tailored to your specific goals for in-house delivery. It can be used for a variety of audience with different levels of exam experience. 

The learning strategies may include:

  • Lectures
  • Detailed question drilling and explanations
  • Mock exam
  • Mock exam debrief

English, Cantonese or Mandarin (supplemented with English materials)



Duration Paper 1 Paper 2
Maximum coverage and question drilling
26-40 hours 18-24 hours
Intensive question drilling
18 hours 12 hours
Targeted question drilling on weak topics
7 hours 7 hours







Answer these questions to consider the right duration:

  • What level of study support does your staff need? 

Programs with longer duration will cover more topics, go into greater depth and provide greater improvements.

  • How much time your staff can devote?

The more they put into this training, the more they will get out. 

  • How big is the gap that has to be filled in?

Programs with shorter duration is more suitable for repeating test takers. Independent learners may need extra hours to spice up self-study.



Your premises or Kaplan campus


  • Classroom delivery (large group, small group or one-on-one)  
  • Online capability


Talk to our team and learn how Kaplan can improve your team’s performance.