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Demystifying FinTech Series

FinTech Programmes

Demystifying FinTech Series

Join 7 incredible speakers who will demystify FinTech and discuss the training and the tools to stay relevant and deal with the changes.


November 16, 2017 – January 30, 2018   7:30pm-9:30pm


Be Ready for Drastic Work Changes with Disruptive Technologies in Financial Services

Fintech has transformed the way money is managed. It affects almost every financial activity, from banking to payments to wealth management. Startups are re-imagining financial services processes, while incumbent financial services firms are following suit with new products of their own. Recently, the HKMA has announced a number of initiatives to prepare the banking sector to embrace the enormous opportunities brought about by smart banking and fintech.

  • Live talk - 2-hour presentation per topic
  • Industry expert speakers – brings together industry experts to ensure you hear the latest industry knowledge
  • Interactive – each presentation followed by Q&A, opportunities to ask question and share socially
  • Tuition Credit - can apply the amount paid for maximum of 1 evening towards enrollment in an upcoming FinTech or data science bootcamp upon admittance 


10 Sessions:

  1. FinTech Introduction on 16 Nov 2017
  2. Distributed Ledger Technology on 23 Nov 2017
  3. Algo-Trading on 30 Nov 2017
  4. Robo-advisors on 1 Dec 2017
  5. Crypto-Currencies on 7 Dec 2017
  6. RegTech on 8 Dec 2017
  7. Cybersecurity on 14 Dec 2017
  8. Big Data on 11 Jan 2018
  9. Artificial Intelligence on 23 Jan 2018
  10. FinTech in China on 30 Jan 2018


Who Should Attend?

  • Banking and finance professional
  • University and grad students
  • Quants
  • Investors
  • Data scientist
  • Data analysts
  • Engineers
  • Software developers
  • Technical product managers
  • Physicists
  • Statisticians


Per evening:

  • Early Bird: $400
  • Standard: $700


Full pass to all evenings:

  • Early Bird: $1,500
  • Standard: $2,500

Sessions in November 2017

Topic 1: FinTech Introduction (by Dr Kyle Wong)


Date: 16 November 2017


Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm


Early Bird Deadline: 9 November 2017


Technology has already disrupted retail and marketing industry.  Everyday we hear major US retailers closing their stores while Amazon has been experiencing rapid growth.  The disruption has not come to the financial market.  Apple Pay, Google Pay, Square, Ant Finance and TNG in Hong Kong are growing their presence in the financial industry and challenging traditional players.  At the same time incumbents like HSBC and Goldman Sachs are using technology to enhance their product offering and to lower their costs.  In this seminar we will take a bird-eye view of the major areas of Fintech such as Payment System, Blockchain, Robo-advisor, Regtech and Cryptocurrencies.


  • Why Fintech?
  • Major players
  • Payment system
  • Blockchain
  • Robo-advisor
  • Automation
  • P2P
  • RegTech
  • Cryptocurrencies




Topic 2: Distributed Ledger Technology (by Dr Lawrence Ma)


Date: 23 November 2017


Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm


Early Bird Deadline: 9 November 2017


Distributed Ledger technology gains a lot of attention recently as being the backbone technology of all crypto-currencies.  DLT is a consensus of replicated, shared, and synchronized digital data geographically spread across multiple sites, countries, or institutions.  There is no central administrator or centralized data storage.  It allows a  peer-to-peer network as well as consensus algorithms to ensure replication across nodes is undertaken.   The decentralized aspect of DLT has attracted financial institutions to apply DLT in payment system and clearing.


  • What is DLT?
  • The relationship of DLT to crypto-currencies
  • The application of DLT in finance and legal industry
  • The potential and limitation
  • The future




Topic 3: Algo-Trading (by Mr Henry Tang)


Date: 30 November 2017


Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm


Early Bird Deadline: 9 November 2017


Most of the top money-making hedge funds are doing algo trading.  The most well known Renaissance Technologies averaged 71.8% annual return from 1994 to mid 2014, outperformed Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.   Algo Trading allows machines to employ successful human trading strategies, with much higher speed and accuracy.  It also removes human emotion which is also a major impediment in trading.


  • What's Algo Trading
  • Algo Trading Platform
  • Source of trading ideas
  • Risk Management
  • Evaluate Trading Strategies
  • Pitfall of backtesting

Sessions in December 2017

Topic 4: Robo-Advisors (by Mr David Lee) 

*This session will be conducted in English.


Date: 1 December 2017


Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm


Early Bird Deadline: 30 November 2017


Robo-advisors are digital platforms that provide automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services with little to no human supervision.   A typical robo-advisor collects information from clients about their financial situation and future goals through an online survey, and then uses the data to offer advice and/or automatically invest client assets.  The major advantages of robo-advisor are low cost, customized service and free from human biases and errors.  If combined with artificial intelligence, it has the potential to enhance investment performance.


  • The mathematical principles behind robo-advisor
  • Scope of service
  • The cost advantage
  • Bionic advisory
  • Why we still need human relationship managers?




Topic 5: Crypto-Currencies (by Mr Adrian Lai)

*This session will be conducted in English.


Date: 7 December 2017


Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm


Early Bird Deadline: 30 November 2017


It is clear that investment banks have no way to escape to give their views on crypto-currencies with the increasing demand from clients. Governments also have started to embrace cryptocurrencies bits by bits by interacting with market players and carrying out public consultations, in contrast to simply going against the asset class without having a good understanding. Come to hear Adrian speak about the latest development in crypto-currencies.


  • Introduction of blockchain technology
  • Introduction of cryptocurrencies
    • Types of cryptocurrencies
    • Latest trend of cryptocurrencies
    • Latest events related to cryptocurrencies
  • Overview of the cryptocurrency market
  • The cryptocurrency ecosystem
  • Introduction of Crypto-economics
  • Future Outloo




Topic 6: RegTech (by Mr Penghui Kee)

*This session will be conducted in English.


Date: 8 December 2017


Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm


Early Bird Deadline: 30 November 2017




Topic 7: Cybersecurity (by Mr Scott Tse)


Date: 14 December 2017


Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm


Early Bird Deadline: 30 November 2017


New cyber attack methods against your infrastructure are invented at a rapid rate. Every cyber incident is costing more and more financial impact to the victim organizations. In this talk, we share the latest modus operandi in the cyberspace and how your organization should gear up to tackle against those attacks.


  • A glimpse into the dark and deep web

Sessions in January 2018

Topic 8: Big Data (by Dr Kyle Wong)


Date: 11 January 2018


Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm


Early Bird Deadline: 8 December 2017


The Economist declares that data is now the most valuable resources on Earth, even more than oil.  With the rapid rise of Google and Facebook, it is very hard to disagree.  Major tech companies have been able to collect huge amount of data from their users.  By creating a deep understanding of their users, they have been able to monetize that information.  We will look at how information is generated, collected and utilized by firms.


  • Who are the major players?
  • How are data stored and processed?
  • Mathematical Model
  • Applications in finance
  • Privacy issues
  • Biases and limitations




Topic 9: Artificial Intelligence (by Dr Kyle Wong)


Date: 23 January 2018


Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm


Early Bird Deadline: 8 December 2017


As digital technologies continue to develop, their impact on our lives, our communities and the economies of the world will also grow and change. Inevitably, the workplace is rapidly changing, with disruptive technologies making waves and creating great uncertainty. Automation and artificial intelligence are displacing traditional jobs, even as new ones are being created to service an innovation-led economy.

This presentation will raise your awareness on the transformation that is taking place, and pick up new knowledge that will help you to navigate the changing landscape. We will also discuss how the IT workforce should upskill themselves, particularly considering moving into sectors with high demand and employability prospects, such as FinTech.


  • Introduction and Overview
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • What is AI and why now?
    • Who are the major players?
    • What are the major areas of disruptions?
    • Who are the winners?
  • Major Applications
    • How Algo Trading beat the market
    • Rise of Robo-Advisor
    • Use of Chatbots in client servicing
    • Application in Insurance
    • Cyber-security
    • Automation
  • AI and Job Security - how could you prepare for the coming disruptions?




Topic 10: FinTech in China


Date: 30 January 2018


Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm


Early Bird Deadline: 8 December 2017


China is considered a global leader in many areas of FinTech: P2P, Payment System and InsurTech.  China is rapidly developing AI capability and is challenging global leader the United States.  In this session we will discuss the history of Fintech in China and how it becomes leaders in so many areas.


  • E-Commerce in China
  • AliPay and WeChat Pay
  • Regulatory environmentInsurtech
  • Insurtech
  • P2P
  • Major differences between the Chinese and the Western Fintech models