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CPA Program<sup>®</sup> (Australia)

Accountancy Training Courses

CPA Program® (Australia)

Course Registration No. 312195

CPA Program® is one of the world’s leading professional accountancy organisations with more than 150,000 members in 120 countries. A large number of CPA Program® members hold senior leadership roles, and a large proportion of these operate at CEO or CFO level – or in business owner roles.

The CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) designation is recognised throughout the world and denotes a combination of strategic business skill and leadership as well as technical rigour. It represents a soundness in depth, breadth and quality of knowledge in accounting and finance. The CPA Program® is a rigorous, educational and experienced program, comprising education segments and integrated workplace learning.

Kaplan Financial Intensive Revision Course for CPA Australia Program is tailored to unleash your full potential in grasping the fundamental knowledge. We focus on questions practice and the review of key concepts at the Professional Level of the CPA Program. 

Providing one of the most comprehensive study kits in the market today, our experienced Kaplan lecturing team will be able to answer queries and doubts you have on the CPA Program® , and to provide the needed tips and pointers to help you pass your CPA Program professional level compulsory segments.


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Why Study with Kaplan Financial?

  • Official Partnership - We are a Registered Tuition Provider of the CPA Program® in Hong Kong.

  • eLearning Platform - We provide eLearning for students to watch the recap back anytime and anywhere on any device. 

  • Tailor-made course - The intensive revision was tailored for Asia Pacific further to a significant number of requests we received for exam assistance on CPA Program®.

Ethics and Governance

Lecturer : Taky Lo
Duration: 36hrs (12 sessions)
Language: Cantonese

• Detailed explanations and analysis of E&G Study Guide
• Practice of MCQs and written essay-typed questions of quiz and practice exam offered by CPAA
• Supplement with questions from other professional examinations when in need

Financial Reporting

Lecturer : Fanny Choi
Duration: 30hrs (10 sessions)
Language: Cantonese

• Comprehensive coverage of all modules of Financial Reporting to adequately prepare participants to pass the challenging exam.
• Key summarised exam-focus notes with numerous MCQs to help participants in better position to track the tricky questions in the exam.
• Revise and discuss the essential principles and requirements of the Standards that are relevant to the actual examination.

Global Strategy & Leadership

Lecturer : Kattie Kwok
Duration: 36hrs (12 sessions)*

Language: Cantonese

• Cover all important techniques in each of the 7 modules – focusing more on modules 2 to 6 as these 5 modules include the actual process of developing and implementing Global Strategies.
• Help you understand important techniques and its applications from your study guide in the form of condensed notes.
• MCQ's and Essay Questions examples are practiced in class. 


*30 + Extra 6 hours of knowledge enhancement

Advanced Audit and Assurance

Lecturer : Polly Lo
Duration: 24hrs (8 sessions)
Language: Cantonese

• Prepare decision making tree or flow chart for the ease to understand difficult concept.
• Practical audit examples to further enhance students' concept knowledge.
• Practice CPA Australia's knowledge check to polish students' MCQ handling technique.

Strategic Management Accounting

Lecturer : Jasper Cheung
Duration: 24hrs (8 sessions)
Language: Cantonese

•  Designing exam-oriented course notes covering the whole set of Study Guide.
•  Using trend analysis to focus on the important examinable areas.
•  Reviewing the mock examination paper to polish examination techniques.
•  Helping students to tackle Constructed Response and Case Study Questions, and real-life applications.

Financial Risk Management

The details of our upcoming course will be released very soon.

Digital Finance

Lecturer : Joseph Tso
Duration: 24hrs (8 sessions)
Language: Cantonese

• Detailed explanations of DF Study Guide.
• Explaining the essential area in DF by using simple approach.
• Providing useful tips to score higher marks for MC questions.
• Providing knowledge checks to polish students' MCQ handling technique.

4 Steps to Success

1. Course Timetable and Discounts

Check out the dates of session and their recap availability in our timetable, as well as your privilege discounts in our enrolment form.

2. Enrolling

You may come to our campus or enroll via online store to enjoy exclusive online discount.

3. Learning

You will receive the confirmed schedule via email a few days prior to the course upon successful enrolment. Come and enjoy the classroom learning and we will get you support with the printed notes.

4. Recap Video Service

All sessions will be available for recap at our campus and you will be granted a "40hrs ePass" for viewing the selected sessions in our elearning platform.


What is ePass?

eLearning Video Recap Pass (ePass) would allow you to recap the selected lessons of the enrolled course anytime anywhere via our eLearning platform. Within the granted numbers of hours, you could experience a flexible approach to your study to meet your milestones.

Support & Service

We believe timely and flexible student support is critical to students' success. We therefore provide below support and service to students. 

Tutor Support
At Kaplan we are passionate about helping all students through their training, and this doesn’t just stop the moment our students leave the classroom. Our lecturers are approachable and accessible for consultation through emails after leaving the classroom and help you overcome any study issues you encounter.

Our library with over 700 reference books is available for Kaplan students. Membership can be applied at our customer service counter.

* Please contact our customer service officers at 2526 3686 to know more about our services.

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