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Carrie Ip


Connexions Consulting Limited

Executive MBA | 2014 Graduate

My motto is to be eager to learn, to aim high and to set a clear life objective despite any challenges ahead.

Hamorn Lau

Senior Teaching Staff

International School

Master of Counselling | 2010 Graduate

As a professional counsellor, we are only convincing in our role if we change ourselves before we help others change themselves.

Jacqueline Wong

Marketing Manager

Electronic Products Company

BA (Hons) Business Administration (Top-up) | 2015 Graduate

Continuing education has brought me opportunities for promotion, as well as many personal rewards, including enriched knowledge, broader horizons, expanded personal networks.

Kitty Too

Office Manager

International Office Furniture Group

BA (Hons) Accounting | 2015 Graduate

It opened up a wider and more diverse range of options for me in my job search. I received more interviews and higher salary offers.