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Christiane Zeh Kuhl

Mindfulness Based Counsellor

Mindful Marcel

Master of Counselling | 2018 Graduate

The course provided me with a clear framework which helped me confidently establish professional and healthy boundaries with my clients.

Jacqueline Wong

Marketing Manager

Electronic Products Company

BA (Hons) Business Administration (Top-up) | 2015 Graduate

Continuing education has brought me opportunities for promotion, as well as many personal rewards, including enriched knowledge, broader horizons, expanded personal networks.

Edmond Lau

Tax Manager

Public Practice Accounting Firm

BA (Hons) Accounting | 2018 Graduate

Accounting knowledge helps me to make the right decisions on behalf of the company and open more doors in the commercial world. After graduated, I started running my own accounting business.

Bon Hui

Product Manager

Insurance Company

MSc in Digital Marketing | 2018 Graduate

The lecturer clearly illustrated how to help users address the problems. What we have learned is very applicable to real life, which inspired me to start up my new business.