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29 Sep 2017

Kaplan CFA Courses Bring Students Success

CFA Celebration party 2017 was successfully held on 15 Sep. Congratulations to our new CFA charterholders and charterholders to be, for completing the CFA journey!

We are happy to see that our students have accomplished one of the major milestones of their lives. They have worked hard to get to this day, and their work did not go to waste. We are also very grateful to our trainers and supporting staff who have put in their best efforts to help our students succeed.

A CFA charterholder credential will open many doors of opportunity but it is only a starting point for your further achievements.

As disruptive changes keep coming our way, as we all experience the increasingly demanding and ever-changing financial ecosystem, we know that the world will require us to grow and change. However, one thing is never going to change – that is, enormous potential is always offered to the right kind of talent who has the new skills to strive in the fast-changing landscape, and to the person who has the commitment to retool the skill sets to stay relevant.

Kaplan is a source of great pride for everyone who wants to strive in the financial community. For many years, it has provided a base for high performance individuals as they pursue professional excellence, and gain greater access to more job opportunities and a better career. We will continue to look into ways to enhance our support for the financial community.

Of course, on top of upskilling talents, we also serve to bring professionals from different companies and sectors together, provide them with a platform for making new friends and learning from each other.