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IELTS Exam Drill

English Language Training

IELTS Exam Drill

<7.0 Score Guaranteed* - 4-Day IELTS Exam Drill>

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The IELTS Exam Drill ensures that students become familiar with predictable question types which enables them to stride confidently forward and seize band 7 score with ease.

Reach IELTS Band 7 with our star trainer!

  • Realise your IELTS blindspots
  • Repeatedly drill past papers
  • Recognise the pattern linking the 4 Skills
  • Take action! Don’t delay & rush to band 7!


*Terms and conditions:
1) Students who enroll in our IELTS Exam Drill course solely must either meet one of the following entry requirements:
   a) obtain an overall official IELTS score of 6.0 or above with no band scores (on Reading, Writing, Reading and Speaking) are below 6.0; OR
   b) pass the Kaplan IELTS Entrance Test. Student must complete the Kaplan IELTS Entrance Test in advance. Mock test fee can be redeemed when students enroll in the course.
2) If students cannot obtain an official band score of 7.0 upon completion of the course with 100% attendance rate, they can apply to access online catchup videos for 180-day.

IELTS Exam Drill

Course Structure:

  • Total of 14 hours Live tutoring in 4-day (3.5 hours per session)

Course Schedule

Course Code Day & Time 1 2 3 4
HIELTSED-240801 Sat & Sun
10am – 1:30pm
Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 31 Sep 1

Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to the availability of trainers, holidays, and inclement weather.


Course Outline


  • How have a solid awareness of context to listen more effectively
  • How have a solid awareness of function types and be aware of the problems caused by distractors whilst listening
  • How to amass a range of vocabulary related to processes and descriptions
  • How to confidently observe conversations where different speakers are attempting to persuade each other and recognise the final point of agreement
  • How to clearly recognise signposting vocabulary


  • How to express yourselves confidently and articulately when asked personal questions
  • How to use sophisticated language and complex grammar accurately when responding questions
  • How to use language effectively when giving a talk in part 2 of the speaking test
  • How to discuss abstract topics with ease and use complex sentence structures


  • How have a solid awareness of IELTS criteria, particularly related to the task response/achievement aspect
  • How to clearly identify trends when looking at visual information
  • How to be selective when choosing data from graph description (Task 1) questions
  • How to link ideas using important cohesive devices and master the passive voice
  • Understand the different aspects of argumentative essays (Task 2)
  • Effectively plan task 2 responses and construct impactful introductions
  • How to paraphrase skillfully and amass a great range of relevant vocabulary


  • How to have a solid understanding of the IELTS reading test
  • How to quickly identify the most important parts of a reading passage
  • How to select essential information from a passage by scanning for detail
  • How to Identify theories and opinions
  • How to tackle difficult question types such as T, F & NG questions

Learning Outcome

Speaking: Accurately understand questions, reflectively construct responses and effectively deliver powerful answers.

Writing: Recognise the most important information, be selective and relevant in order to discover the truth and state your answer with conviction.

Reading: Skim read, read for gist and avoid common errors.

Listening: Use pre-listening preparation time constructively, pay attention to word form and keep you guard up against false friends.

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